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My Employer Has Denied My Claim, What Do I Do?

If you, your employer, or your employer`s workers` compensation insurance company may have a dispute or disagreement about your claim. You should try to resolve the dispute among yourselves, if possible. Many times, disputes can be cleared up quickly and easily by communication. Commission staff can help you try to resolve a dispute informally. If the dispute cannot be resolved informally, you may be required to attend one or more dispute resolution proceedings.

An administrative dispute resolution process attempts to resolve claim disputes informally whenever possible. If disputes cannot be resolved informally, disputes are resolved in an internal administrative process that includes hearings and reviews by a three ­judge appeals panel. Disputes may be resolved in court only after attempts to resolve the dispute through the Commission`s administrative process have failed. The Texas Workers` Compensation Act also created an Ombudsman Program, which provides free assistance to injured workers and other system participants who have not hired attorneys to represent them.

An injured worker has the right to receive information and assistance regarding the worker`s claim. Commission staff will explain the worker`s rights and responsibilities under the Texas Workers` Compensation Act. Additionally, an injured worker has the right to be assisted by a Commission ombudsman in informal dispute resolution and in administrative proceedings if the worker is not represented.

If you require further assistance, you can contact the Texas Workers` Compensation Commission at the following address or phone number.

Texas Workers` Compensation Commission
Southfield Building, MS­3
4000 S. IH­35
Austin, TX 78704­
Phone: (512) ­804-­4435


Customer Relations & Customer Services
To request general information or assistance with a claim.
(512) 804-­4100 or
(512) 804­-4636

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