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Is a Will's Validity Affected When You Move Out of State?

A large number of retirees, and those who are planning on retiring, look to move to a new state to enjoy a different lifestyle than the one they had while working.  This may involve new activities, moving closer to family and friends, or to enjoy a different climate.  No longer are retirement communities strictly confined to Florida.  In a recent survey by only 3 of the top 10 and 4 of the top 20 retirement destinations in 2007 were in Florida.  Communities across the country are actively courting retirees.

Most persons nearing retirement age have actively started making plans for their estate, including creating a will.  A legal question arises then if you move to a different state when you retire.  If you have an existing Last Will and Testament and move, is your will still valid in your new state or will your heirs be forced to Most states though do allow for the estate planning attorney today.

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