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Top 5 Reasons You Will Need a Real Estate Attorney

The time has come when you are ready to buy a house or sell your house. You don’t understand the legal lingo in the real estate transactions taking place. Real estate transactions involve financial and ownership issues each having their own set of regulations, and requirements. To ensure your real estate transaction runs smoothly, its best to hire a real estate attorney. An attorney will guide you through the real estate process including reviewing contracts, dealing with banks are among the few things the attorney handles. Further, hiring a real estate attorney to handle your transaction avoids any potential problems when buying or sell your real estate. The following are 5 reasons where you will want to hire a real estate attorney.

1. You are buying a building or office space for your business. A real estate attorney will review the terms of the contract, negotiate any loan terms to ensure that the sale is in your best interest.

2. There are zoning issues, subleasing issues, title discrepancies, contract interpretation issues that only a real estate attorney may give legal advice and provide answers to these issues.

3. You’re concerned about some language in the purchase document, or don’t understand the language in your mortgage agreement. You will need an attorney to look over your documents.

4.  After a sale, someone declares they own the property, or unresolved mechanics liens, or even fraudulent links. A real estate attorney will need to protect your rights.

5.  A disagreement between a landlord and tenant arises. Real estate attorneys will assist in mediating and settling any landlord/tenant issues.

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