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Where Can I Find Out More About My Rights As A Tenant?

The Department of Consumer Affairs has information at its website about tenant rights. It also distributes the following free publications:

  • California Tenants ­ Your Rights and Responsibilities (English, Spanish, Vietnamese)
  • Damaged or Destroyed Residential Rental Units: A Fact Sheet for Landlords and Tenants
  • Habitability and Repairs: Outline of the Landlord's and Tenant's Responsibilities under the California Civil Code
  • How Often Can a Landlord Raise Rent?
  • How to Get Back Possessions You Have Left in a Rental Unit
  • Options for a Landlord: When a Tenant's Personal Property Has Been Left in the Rental Unit
  • Rental Housing and Repairs: Who's Responsible for What & How To Get Repairs Made
  • Security Deposits: Tenants' Rights and Responsibilities

To obtain one of these publications, write to:

Department of Consumer Affairs
Attn: Publications
P.O. Box 310
Sacramento, CA 95802

or call (800) 952­5210

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