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Under Washington law, can I include medical bills in my injury claim?

Yes. Your medical bills are a significant factor when assessing how much you are awarded if your claim is successful. Your medical bills are a reflection of your “pain and suffering” which is directly related to how much compensation you should be owed. (Please refer to “What is my personal injury worth in Washington?” for details regarding what your case may be worth) Under Washington law a plaintiff may recover for past, present, and future injury medical expenses in a personal injury claim but only if those expenses are or were directly related to the injury the claim is being brought forth for. Washington also maintains that compensation and money awarded must be reasonable. More specifically it must be proven that the injuries were caused by the cause of action you are claiming and any other injuries or health related matters must be separated when presenting evidence and seeking compensation for injury. Medical expenses would include but may not be limited to hospital bills, medications, at home nursing or private care, medical tests and prescriptions. Care provided by a family member or spouse usually does not account as a medical expense.After you have been injured and are considering bringing forth a claim it is important that you keep record of all medical bills you have paid or that you owe in order to be justly compensated.

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