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What is needed to file a claim for damages resulting from the Gulf Oil Spill with the National Pollution Funds Center?

To submit a claim for compensation with the NPFC for damages from the Gulf Oil Spill, the Oil Pollution Act requires you to submit the following:

1.  Proof that the oil spill meets all OPA requirements. (The Oil Pollution Act only applies to oil spills in “navigable waters” which occurred after August 18, 1990.  In addition, it is a pre-requisite under the law that claimants submit their claim to the responsible party for the incident.  In the Gulf Oil Spill situation, the oil spill obviously occurred after 1990, it involved an oil spill in the "navigable waters" of the Gulf of Mexico, and BP America has been identified as at least one of the responsible parties.) 

2.  Documentation of your costs and damages from the spill.

3.  A complete claims package. 

The above should be submitted to the National Pollution Funds Center, the Coast Guard office responsible for evaluating and approving OPA claims.

However, individuals and businesses may have legal options in addition to submitting a claim to the NPFC.  If you've suffered an injury or economic loss as a result of the Gulf Oil Spill, it is wise to consult an attorney before you take any action so that you can best protect your legal rights and preserve all options which may be available to you under the law. 

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