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Overview of the Oregon Court System

Oregon residents deal with a vast array of legal issues on a daily basis. For those who need to navigate Oregon's court system, it's important to remember that the state is home to both local, municipal courts and larger district and appellate courts.

Oregon is home to dozens of municipal, local and justice courts. These courts are separate from the state court system and handle only minor criminal, traffic and civil issues. Circuit courts, part of the state system, are located in each of the state's 36 counties. These courts have original jurisdiction over most serious criminal and civil cases.

Tax issues are dealt with through a separate tax court. The Oregon Court of Appeals consists of 10 elected judges who decide on most appellate matters, and the Supreme Court holds ultimate legal authority in Oregon and is responsible for hearing appeals on very serious cases, including death penalty cases.

Oregon Attorneys and Lawyers

When faced with a legal issue, contacting an experienced attorney is always the best bet. At LawInfo you can search for a skilled, Lead Counsel Rated Oregon attorney by location and by practice area. We have Oregon attorneys who dedicate their practice to specific areas of the law, so you will not only find an attorney, but an attorney who is knowledgeable to help you with your particular legal issue.

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Oregon Legal Forms

LawInfo offers free Oregon legal forms and documents to help resolve many of your issues on your own. Whether you need a power of attorney or you want to complete your will, we have you covered. You can click on our most popular forms located in the right column of this page. A user account is required to use the service, but it’s completely free.

Renting an investment property in Oregon can be a great way to make extra money and build financial security. If you're considering renting your Oregon home or condo, be sure to download LawInfo's Residential Lease Agreement. This easy-to-use form guides you as you collect essential renter information. Remember that signing a legally binding lease is the only way to protect your property and finances.

Perhaps you'd like to pass heirlooms, money or other assets along to your family members when you die. To ensure that your last wishes are honored, download and complete a Last Will and Testament. If you die without a will in Oregon, you will be said to have died intestate. State law will govern how your possessions are distributed to living relatives. A will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are honored by the state.

Planning for the future also means thinking about who will make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. It's a good idea to create a Power of Attorney so that you can appoint someone you trust to manage your affairs as you age. LawInfo makes it easy to fill out this essential form for free. Be sure to take care of Power of Attorney decisions now so that the courts don't make them for you later.

Starting an Oregon Business

Starting a business in Oregon is a great way to secure your personal legacy while contributing to the state's economy. Entrepreneurs will find a wealth of resources for free on the Department of Revenue website. Review these resources to understand what you need to do to start a business and what type of taxes you should expect to pay.

Before you start a business, you'll need to formulate a strong business plan that can be shown to potential investors and state officials.

Of course, choosing the right structure for your business can also determine your overall success. If you stick with a sole proprietorship, you won't have to pay expensive state filing fees, but you will be exposed to some personal liability for the business's financial obligations. If you choose to incorporate, you'll be required to fill out papers and pay to file them, but you'll also be protected from personal liability for any business problems that arise.

Oregon Business Statistics

Small businesses play a key role in the Oregon economy. The state is home to more than 344,700 small businesses that employ 55.5 percent of the private labor force. Business ownership is almost equally divided between men and women, with many businesses jointly owned by both sexes.

Oregon's small businesses provide essential revenue, but the state is also home to Fortune 500 companies Nike (NKE.N) and Precision Castparts (PCP.N).