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Overview of the Oklahoma Court System

Dealing with a legal issue in the state of Oklahoma can be a source of stress, but understanding the court system in the state may be easier when considering the appellate courts and district courts separately.

There are 77 district courts in the state. They handle both civil and criminal trials at the first stage of the legal process while courts of last resort are used to handle cases that have already been decided in a district court. Oklahoma splits civil and criminal appeals between the Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals; this allows the Supreme Court to focus on civil cases. Judges are appointed to both the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals by the governor.

Oklahoma Attorneys and Lawyers

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Starting an Oklahoma Business

Starting a business in Oklahoma can be difficult when a person is not familiar with applicable business laws. The good news is that these laws can be perused at your convenience through the Oklahoma state website, which contains other useful resources for the aspiring business owner as well.

The first step in starting a business is sitting down to draw up a solid business plan that defines goals and the means to achieve them; next comes selecting a suitable business structure. Each structure comes with different taxation methods and levels of liability. People who choose to be a sole proprietor, for instance, will enjoy the benefits of simple business taxes that are kept minimal, but personal liability is unlimited. Corporations must pay more in taxes and fees, on the other hand, but they afford more protection against personal liability.

Oklahoma Business Statistics

Businesses of all sizes play a huge role in Oklahoma's economy. There are more than 300,000 business in the state, and 1.2 million people are employed by private-sector employers. Approximately 48 percent of small businesses are owned by men; 26 percent of them are owned by females. The remaining 26 percent are equally owned by both sexes.

Small businesses may be the cornerstone of the professional world in Oklahoma, but large corporations also have their place in the state. Well-known Fortune 500 companies include Chesapeake Energy (CHK), Devon Energy (DVN) and Oneok (OKE).

Oklahoma has an unemployment rate of 5 percent. This rate is much smaller than the national average, and job growth in the state suggests a fertile environment for starting a business.