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Overview of the Nevada Court System

Nevada residents face a wide variety of legal issues on a daily basis. For Nevadans who need to pursue remedies in the courts, it's important to remember that Nevada's judiciary is made up of three primary branches.

Many civil and criminal cases in Nevada originate in the municipal courts. There are 17 total municipal courthouses in Nevada with at least one court for each county. District courts located in each county handle more serious legal matters and a wide variety of civil matters. District courts also have appellate jurisdiction over cases in the state that don't go directly to the higher court. As in most states, the Nevada Supreme Court is the ultimate legal authority in the state.

Nevada Attorneys and Lawyers

When faced with a legal issue, contacting an experienced attorney is always the best bet. At LawInfo you can search for a skilled, Lead Counsel Rated Nevada attorney by location and by practice area. We have Nevada attorneys who dedicate their practice to specific areas of the law, so you will not only find an attorney, but an attorney who is knowledgeable to help you with your particular legal issue.

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Starting a Business in Nevada

Starting a new business in Nevada is a great way to build financial security and realize your American Dream. The Nevada Secretary of State offers extensive resources for those who want to start businesses.

The first step to starting any new business is creating a business plan that will guide you as you seek financing and start your enterprise. Focusing on your business plan now will help to ensure your future success.

Of course, choosing the right business structure is also essential to your success. If you run a very small business, you may wish to act as a sole proprietor but should be aware that you may be personally liable for any financial problems the business encounters. Filing as a corporation has the advantage of protecting you from this liability. While incorporation filings can be pricey, the low corporate taxes in Nevada help to counteract some of this burden.

Nevada Business Statistics

Thanks to a lack of personal income tax and low business taxes, Nevada is a great state for small businesses. In fact, the state is home to more than 222,450 small businesses that provide essential capital for the state's economy. About 80 percent of the state's businesses are run by sole proprietors who have no employees. Most of the remaining small businesses in the state have fewer than 20 employees.

Because of its gambling economy, Nevada is home to four of the Fortune 500 top 100 companies. Well-known Nevada companies include the Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LSV.N), MGM Resorts International (MGM.N) and Wynn Resorts (1128.HK).