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Under What Circumstances Should I Hire A Lawyer?

If you are accused of committing a crime, charged with drunk driving (DUI), or party to a lawsuit, you definitely need a lawyer. You should contact a lawyer right away, especially if there are witnesses to interview and/or evidence to gather. A lawyer can also help you avoid legal problems, as well. For example, you can file for a divorce or file for bankruptcy by yourself, but a lawyer can help you avoid legal issues that may arise due to changes in laws or if any other legal complications arise. A lawyer's advice can also be invaluable if you need to sign an employment or contractor agreement, or if you need to sign a contract or agreement to buy a house, a car or make any other major purchase. Legally binding contracts and agreements have a lot of jargon you may not understand. Hiring a lawyer to help you through these contracts could save you a lot of money and prevent legal complications that could arise later on.

Hiring a lawyer will prove to be a valuable investment if you plan on starting a business with a partner, forming a limited liability company (LLC), or forming a corporation. There are a lot of legal issues involved with starting a business, particularly when partners or stockholders are involved. Having a lawyer will save you a lot of time and legal hardships, not to mention the fact that the lawyer will be able to better determine what business formation is best suited to your needs. These are just a few examples of how lawyers can help you understand your rights and solve legal problems, many times before they become problems.

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