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What Are My Rights As A Tenant?

  • A safe and sanitary home. You have the right to call a health or housing inspector if you think there is a code violation in the place your are renting.
  • Privacy and peace and quiet. A landlord can enter the premises at reasonable times for repairs and inspections, but should notify you first. You have the right to tell a landlord what is a reasonable time for you.
  • Written receipts for rent or deposits.
  • Notice of changes in lease terms. You are entitled to fifteen days notice of any change in your rental agreement.
  • Repairs made within reasonable amount of time after you request them in writing.
  • Remain in residence until proper procedure is taken. You have the right to remain in the property you rent until you are legally evicted by a court order. Landlords do not have the right to lock you out of the property.

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