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What Is The Continuing Education Requirement?

Any West Virginia resident holding an active or inactive (no active appointments) license and any active solicitor licensee must comply with the continuing education requirements. Compliance with continuing education will not be required of:
    Non­resident licensees
    Residents holding only credit life/credit accident and sickness (powers 15) licenses and Adjusters.

Agents and solicitors must accumulate twenty­four (24) hours of continuing education from approved providers every two years. Only those courses taken during the biennium (two year reporting period) can be credited to that biennium. Credit hours in excess of the required 24 hours will not be carried over to the next biennium.

Approved providers of continuing education courses will be responsible for submitting proof of course completion to the Insurance Commissioner to be recorded on agents' records. Agents and insurance companies will not be required to submit proof of course completion. However agents are required to maintain certificates of course completion for three years in the event of an audit of courses is necessary. Three to six months prior to the end of a biennium, the Insurance Department will notify licensees, at their residence mailing address, advising the status of their continuing education credits.

Lists of approved providers may be obtained by sending a written request along with a large, self­addressed return envelope to:

    West Virginia Insurance Dept. Agents Licensing and Education
    P.O. Box 50541
    Charleston, WV 25305­0541

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