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Is There A Continuing Education Requirement To Renew My License?

Insurance agents holding the license types listed below are responsible for completing a required number of continuing education hours (16 hours for one license, 24 hours for more than one license) by the end of each even numbered year. The CE requirement does not apply to the biennial period during which newly licensed agents have successfully completed the licensing examination required for any of the license types listed below.

Life & Health; Life & Health Consultant; Property & Casualty; Property & Casualty Consultant; Title Experior Assessments administers the Continuing Education program. The Bureau of Insurance is not responsible for the administration of the CE program. Questions regarding continuing education should be directed to the special Experior CE toll­free number: 800.482.2366. The Continuing Education requirements are outlined in detail in a Continuing Education Handbook published by Experior. You may also access Online CE Services where agents can check their compliance status, request a summary of credits and create customized lists of approved courses. Sponsors can enter and edit course offering schedules.

Resident and nonresident agents and consultants must be in compliance with Virginia CE regulations in order to maintain their license(s). For most agents, requirements include:

  • 16 hours of approved CE courses if you hold a single license type, or 24 hours of approved CE courses if you hold more than one license type. For special requirements for those holding Life & Health or Property & Casualty CONSULTANT licenses, refer to the CE Handbook.
  • Two hours of Laws and Regulations credits must be completed by all producers during each biennium.
  • No more than 75% of the credits towards compliance may be from courses categorized as Company/Agency.
  • Limited carryover credit is allowed.

A nonresident agent can satisfy Virginia CE requirements by providing a Letter of Certification from his or her home state, along with the required filing fee and form. SEE THE VIRGINIA CONTINUING EDUCATION HANDBOOK FOR COMPLETE DETAILS ABOUT COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR RESIDENT AND NONRESIDENT AGENTS.

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