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Do I Need Any Permits To Move My Cattle From One Place To Another

Yes. If you plan on moving your animals, you should be prepared to show a permit containing a description of each head of livestock, the name of your farm, the place that it is going to, and the kind, breed, color, marks, and brands of the livestock. If you are asked to show a permit before a county sheriff or meat inspector and you do not have one, then you may alternatively offer a written statement to the inspector stating the information that would have been listed in the permit. So if you are moving any animal, you should be prepared to show a permit, or make a written statement describing all of the animals that you are transporting. If you fail to do either, then the inspector will have cause for suspicious behavior. The county sheriff or meat inspector may then search your vehicle for any stolen animal and stop the movement of your vehicle for a reasonable amount of time.

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