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What Does It Mean For My Dog To Have Violent Propensities?

A dog is usually considered to have violent propensities if it has bitten or attacked a human being or another animal without being provoked. A dog will also be considered to have violent propensities if it has been trained as an attack dog. If your dog has bitten another person who provoked the dog it does not automatically mean that your dog will be considered to have violent propensities, which will open you up for absolute liability if your dog bites someone. Sometimes violent propensities will be inferred from how violent an attack was. If you dog, whether provoked or not, has caused serious injuries to another human it may be established that the dog has violent propensities. Keep in mind, however, that proof of a previous attack is not necessary for it to be established that a dog has violent propensities. All that matters is whether you as an owner know whether your dog possesses the characteristics that may make him dangerous toward others.

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