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My Dog Has Previously Attacked Someone Uprovoked, And Is A Dangerous Dog. My Friend Was Over And He Harrassing My Dog, And Dog Attacked And Injured Him, Am I Still Absolutely Liable?

It depends. You will still most likely be liable because you knew that your dog's past behavior made it likely that he would attack a human. However, when a dog with violent propensities attacks after being provoked your liability may be lessened. This means that if the injured person was coaxing the dog or harassing it when the dog bit them the amount of damages you would be required to pay the injured person would be lessened because the injured person would be partly responsible, because of their behavior toward the dog, for causing their own injuries. To be completely released from any liability for injuries caused by your dog with a violent history you would need to show that the injured person's injuries were 100% the result of their behavior toward the dog, and that the dog attacking them had nothing to do with the dog's violent past.

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