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What Do I Need To Do If My Dog Is Determined To Be A Dangerous Dog?

If your dog is found to be dangerous you are entitled to a hearing to challenge that finding. If after a hearing is held at a county court, your dog is found to be dangerous, you must register your dog as such with the animal control office. The following is required to register a dangerous dog: (1) a rabies vaccination, (2) evidence of a proper enclosure where the dog will have to be kept, (3) and the dog must receive an electronic implant or tattoo so that it can be permanently identified. Also, you must notify animal control at any time it is found that your dog has escaped from your custody, bites another person, dies, is sold or is relocated. Furthermore, your dog will not be allowed out of its enclosure unless it is wearing a muzzle and restrained by a chain. When you are transporting your dangerous dog by automobile you must have it restrained within the vehicle at all times.

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