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What Kinds Of Discounts Are Available, If Any, From The Insurance Company?

There are several discounts that can be offered, depending on certain factors, which are detailed below: 1. Multiple Vehicles ­ Most insurance companies offer a discount to consumers that insure more than one car with their company. Companies offer these discounts not only because they want all of your business, but also because it is easier for them to underwrite individuals that they know, thus reducing their risk and saving them money. In addition, industry statistics show that individuals and families that insure more than one car have better than average claims experience. Through this discount, companies pass along some of their savings to you. 2. Driver's Education Courses ­ Discounts for drivers education courses are targeted primarily at younger and older drivers. In Nevada, all insurers must provide for a reduction in premium for a three­year period for people aged 55 and above if they successfully complete a driving course approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety. The insured must maintain a clean driving record in order to keep the discount. One of the driving courses offered is 55­Alive and is sponsored by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). 3. Good Student ­ Insurers have found that students who are responsible enough to earn a B average or better tend to be more responsible drivers. For that reason, many companies offer a good student discount. 4. Safety Devices ­ Automobile safety devices can lower insurers' costs by preventing accidents or limiting their severity. These savings are passed along to the policyholder through discounts for safety equipment. This equipment includes air bags, automatic seat belts and anti­lock brakes. 5. Anti­theft Devices ­ Devices or systems that deter theft or vandalism also lower claims costs. Many companies offer discounts for anti­theft devices. 6. Low Mileage ­ The fewer miles you drive, the less chance you have of getting into an accident. Insurers recognize this fact and generally offer discounts for low mileage drivers. Some companies also offer discounts for drivers that participate in car pools. 7. Good Driver/Renewal ­ Some insurers offer discounts to drivers who maintain a good driving record and renew their policy with them. 8. Auto/Home Package ­ Some insurers offer a discount on one or both policies if an individual buys a homeowner policy and an auto policy from the same insurer. 9. Dividends ­ Some insurers, particularly mutual insurers, offer dividends to policyholders if the sale of auto insurance has been profitable to them. Dividends are declared and paid after the policy period has expired.

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