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What Is The Procedure For Registering For An Exam?

Experior of St. Paul, Minn., administers the examination program. Experior provides computerized exams and obtains your license photo through a multistate network of testing centers. The Louisiana Area Experior testing centers are located in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport and Beaumont, Texas. You may test at any Experior center across the United States. Experior works closely with the Department and its Examination Review Committee to assure that exams meet local requirements and professional test development standards. All questions and requests for information about exams should be directed to:

1360 Energy Park Drive
St. Paul, MN 55108­5252
Fax: 800.347.9242
TDD User: 800.790.3926
Voice: 800.871.6457

License Application and Examination Registration Procedures
To apply for a license that requires an exam, you must submit all forms and fees to Experior, including:

  • license application Form 1114A;
  • Exam Registration Form; and
  • appropriate fees.

License application and exam registration

Mail the forms for both license application and exam registration (THROUGH THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE ONLY) to Experior. To verify correct spelling of your name, attach a copy of your driver's license. You may not schedule an exam until your Application Form 1114A and original affidavit forms have been received and the registration process has been completed.

Exam registration and application expiration

An exam registration remains valid for 90 days after Experior has processed it. A license application is valid for 180 days after receipt by the Department. Registrations and applications then automatically expire. New applications are then required together with applicable exam and license fees.

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