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How Do I Schedule Or Cancel And Exam?

Appointments and cancellations
Once you have registered for an exam (an original or a retake), you must arrange the time and place for taking it by calling 1­800­871­6457. You may take your examination at any Experior testing center nationwide. Appointments are available three to five days per week at most centers. If you miss or are late for your appointment, you will be assessed a $40 rescheduling fee. If you need to change your appointment time, you must contact Experior three full working days before the day of your appointment to allow time to refill your appointment slot, or you will be subject to this same fee when you reschedule your exam. To reinstate or reschedule your exam, please call 1­800­871­6457. If you are too ill to take your exam at the scheduled time, you may submit a letter from your doctor or hospital (on their letterhead). The rescheduling fee may be waived in this circumstance.

Retaking an exam
If you do not pass, send another exam registration form or call Experior to register and schedule the examination. If you re­test, another Experior registration fee is required. Remember also that your 180­day license application period must still be valid. NOTE: There is no limit to the number of times you may take an exam within the 180­day period. If you did not pass the exam and wish to retake the exam, mail another Examination Registration form or use Express Registration. Express Registration is available by telephone or fax. This is an expedited process available for an additional $5 fee.

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