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What Are Some Important Considerations In Choosing My Policy?

  • Ask an agent or company to help you. The service and reputation of the company and the agent you select is important.
  • Review the application carefully with the agent; be sure all the answers are complete and accurate before you sign.
  • Don`t buy life insurance unless you intend to stick with your plan. Your decision to protect your family may involve the purchase of a new policy or the replacement of existing coverage.
  • Although replacement can be beneficial, it may be very costly in the early years of a new policy if you cancel an existing policy. Don`t drop one policy and buy another without a thorough evaluation of both the new policy and the one you have now.
  • Read your policy carefully! Most states require an insurance company to provide a free look period that begins at the delivery of the policy. The agent should explain anything not clear to you.

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