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When And Where Do I Take The Examination?

After the pre­licensing information has been submitted and reviewed, if all is in order, the applicant will receive a notice for the exam if an exam is needed. At that time, the individual must call the Examination Section at (502) 564­6004 to schedule an appointment for the exam.

The applicant has 120 days to take the exam no more than 3 times. If the applicant takes an exam and does not pass it, the applicant must submit another $50 for the new test along with the Department's retake form (which will be included with results) and make another appointment. Please be advised that if an applicant schedules an appointment for an examination and fails to appear for the scheduled appointment, the applicant will be required to pay an additional retake fee and submit a new form, prior to scheduling a new appointment. If the applicant takes the test at the Department's Frankfort testing site, the applicant will receive the test scores as soon as the exam is completed. However, if the test is taken at a regional testing site outside of Frankfort, it will take approximately one week for the applicant to receive test scores.

If the applicant has already filed proof of financial responsibility, the applicant will be licensed with the sponsoring insurer submitting the application as soon as the applicant passes the exam. The information will be posted immediately to the Internet for insurer verification. The agent will receive the license at the agent's residence address on file with the Department.

All test results are good for one year. A retake form will be mailed should the agent fail to pass the exam.

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