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What Are The Requirements For Obtaining A Resident Agency License?

Resident Agency Licensing Requirements
Kansas­domiciled corporations, associations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, or other legal entities acting as insurance agents and holding a direct agency appointment from an insurance company or companies are required to obtain a resident insurance agency license.

  • Submit the Uniform Application for Business Entity License to the Agents and Brokers Division; 420 S.W. Ninth Street; Topeka, KS 66612­1678. All insurance personnel licensed in Kansas must be listed on the application. Also report all branch office locations and if the business entity is an auto dealership, an auto rental agency, a financial institution, or does credit life business only and has no licensed personnel.
  • Submit a $30 application fee (personal or business check, money order, or cashier's check payable to the Kansas Insurance Department).

When the license has been issued:
Notify each insurer with which the agency contracts to request company appointment. Appointment of the agency will automatically include each licensed insurance agent associated with the agency for the kinds of insurance permitted under the license in effect for the agent. Agent appointments obtained through agency affiliation will terminate if the individual's association with the agency ends. If an agency appointment is canceled, appointment for each affiliated agent will terminate as well.

No renewal fees are required for continuation of a resident insurance agency license.

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