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How Do I Proceed After I Take The Examination?

If you pass the licensing examination you will be given a license application and instruction sheet by Assessment Systems, Inc. (A.S.I.), the test administrator. Complete the ORIGINAL license application received from A.S.I., and send a $150.00 license fee (payable to the Director of Insurance). Your prelicensing proof of completion results must be sent by your education provider and received by the Department prior to the license being issued. Mail the license application and fee to the Producer Section, Illinois Department of Insurance, 320 W. Washington, Springfield, Illinois 62767­0001.

If you fail the exam, A.S.I. will provide the results and the procedures to arrange for another exam with A.S.I.

Those who already hold an Illinois producer license, or who have already submitted an application for a license to the Department of Insurance, need not send another application and fee when they pass an examination for additional lines. When the Department is notified by ASI that the candidate has passed the additional tests, and has been notified by the education provider that prelicensing education has been completed, it will automatically update the license record and send an amended license, which will include the additional authority.

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