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What Are The General Requirements For Licensure In The State Of Delaware?

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Be competent, trustworthy, financially responsible, and of good reputation
  3. Demonstrate competence to act as to the type of license and line(s) of authority applied for by success­fully completing the qualification examination approved by the Commissioner
  4. Agents and Fraternal Representatives only: file at least one request for appointment by an authorized insurer
  5. Certify that the Certificate of Authority will not be used primarily for controlled business
  6. Pay to the Department all required fees

Any individual or business entity desiring to serve the consumers of Delaware as an insurance agent, broker, surplus lines broker, fraternal representative, consultant, adjuster or motor vehicle appraiser must attain a Certificate of Authority from the Department of Insurance. The Certificate of Authority is permanent, subject to compliance with continuing education requirements. Nonresidents who must meet home state continuing education requirements are requested to certify annually upon notification from the Department, that their home state licenses are current and in good standing.

Individuals applying for licensure as an agent or fraternal representative must submit a request for appointment by at least one authorized insurer. Once approved, appointments are permanent, need never be renewed, and will remain in effect until terminated by either the licensee or insurer. A licensed agent or fraternal representative may be appointed by an unlimited number of insurers. Failure to be appointed by at least one insurer for a period of one year for a specific line of authority will result in cancellation of the Certificate of Authority.

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