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How Can I Inform The Licensing Section Of My Change Of Address?

Licensees are required by Arizona law to promptly inform the Insurance Department of any change in address [A.R.S. 20­302(A) and 20­313] within 30 days of the change. The Insurance Licensing Section maintains up to three different addresses for each licensee:
  • The address and telephone number of the place of business,
  • A mailing address (if provided by the licensee), and
  • The address and telephone number of the residence of individual licensees (not applicable for firms and corporations).

Keeping the Insurance Department apprised of your current addresses is critical! In addition to being required by law (which means a failure could result in disciplinary action), the Insurance Licensing Section relies on this information when it sends application materials, circular letters, official notices and other information.

When notifying the Insurance Licensing Department of an address change, please include the following information:

  • Your full name (or if for a firm or corporation, the full name of the firm or corporation) as stated on your license certificate.
  • The old address (which has changed) and whether the address is your place of business address, your mailing address or the address of your residence.
  • The new address.
  • The name and phone number of the individual that the Insurance Department should contact with any questions concerning your facsimile.

To fax the information, please address your facsimile to the attention of the Insurance Licensing Section (as shown in the example below). The fax number for address changes is (602) 912­8473.

Fax #: (602) 912­8473
From: Doe, Terry Lee

If you have any questions about this fax, please contact: Terry Doe, at (999) 555­5555.

  • Former Business Address:
    2522 West Fake Street, Suite 221­B
    Simulated City, ZZ 99999­9999 (999) 555­9990

  • New Business Address:
    1122 East Bogus Way, Suite 544
    Nowhere, ZZ 99999­9999
    (999) 555­5555

  • Old Residential Address:
    5522 West 52nd Street, #233
    Simulated City, ZZ 99999­9999
    (999) 555­9005

  • New Residential Address:
    1122 East Bogus Way, Suite 544
    Nowhere, ZZ 99999­9999
    (999) 555­5555
    (I now maintain my office in my home)

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