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Overview of the Idaho Court System

The courts of Idaho comprise four different systems in a tiered structure. While it may seem complicated at first, the system is relatively easy to understand.

The first tier of courts contains the magistrate divisions, which handle small claims, traffic infractions, minor civil cases, the probate courts, family court issues and preliminary hearings for higher courts; these cases are generally not jury trials.

Courts in the second tier are known as the district courts, which have original jurisdiction over all major civil and criminal cases. This is where most original jury trials are held. The district courts also hear appeals from the magistrate divisions.

The third tier of courts is the Court of Appeals, which hears appeals from the district courts while the fourth and final tier is the Supreme Court, which handles administrative business for the entire Idaho court system. It also hears appeals from the Court of Appeals.

Idaho Attorneys and Lawyers

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Starting an Idaho Business

Starting a business in Idaho is an exciting process that still requires several steps before you can do so legally. Before you do anything, make sure that you have a sound business plan. Research your market and conservatively run the numbers.

Once you feel confident about your business idea, you will need to decide on the type of business you want. Your Idaho business may be a sole proprietorship or general partnership, meaning that you or you and a partner are the only owner(s), or you may plan on expansion, in which case you might want to start off as a corporation or limited liability company of some sort. Different types of business have different regulatory and tax requirements. You will then need to look at the Idaho Secretary of State website to make sure that the name you've chosen for your corporation isn't taken.

You will then need to apply for the appropriate licenses and tax registrations. File applications with the state as well as with your city or county. Depending on your professional service, you may need to file for professional licensing as well as standard business licensing.

Idaho Business Statistics

Idaho small businesses account for 96.8 percent of all private sector businesses in the state, with 57.7 percent of all workers employed by small businesses. The unemployment rate in Idaho hovered around 6.5 percent through 2013. In addition to the small business employment, there were approximately 1,165 large businesses with employees in Idaho. These include the Fortune 500 company Micron Technology ( MU), a major tech manufacturer.