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Automatic Emancipation of a Minor

While some minors may try to become emancipated, some states will allow for automatic emancipation.  While emancipation will generally require a court order, there are a few exceptions.  One exception is when a minor joins the Armed forces, after joining the Armed forces, they will be emancipated and can be treated as an adult.  The other exception is when a minor marries someone.  After a valid marriage, the minor will be deemed emancipated and will be able to write contracts and no longer be treated as a minor.  Of course, when a minor reaches the age of majority, which is usually 18, they are automatically emancipated.  Some states also allow for automatic emancipation upon arrest while they are in police custody or for emergency medical treatment.  However, this emergency type of automatic emancipation will end as soon as the minor is out of police custody or the emergency medical treatment is complete. 

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