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What Are Some Of The Commonly Used Terms In Apprenticeship?

Sponsor ­ an individual employer, a group of employees, or an association or organization operating a registered apprenticeship program(s). Each program is administered by the sponsor and registered in the sponsor's name. Apprentice ­ an individual at least 16 years of age who is covered by a written employer agreement that is approved by the Virginia Apprenticeship Council. Supervisor of Apprentices ­ the person designated by the sponsor to maintain records of the apprentices and to work with apprentices. The apprentices must be given assurance of qualified training personnel and adequate supervision on the job. The supervisor arranges for related instruction. On­the­job Training ­ organized training provided on the job site and supervised by at least one journeyman. A minimum of 2,000 on­the­job hours is required for each apprentice. Related Instruction ­ organized related and supplemental instruction in technical subjects related to the trade. Such instruction may be given through trade industrial classes, correspondence courses of equivalent value, or other forms of self­study. A minimum of 144 hours of related instruction is recommended for each year of apprenticeship. Registration ­ an organized written process sponsored by an employer that contains all terms and conditions to carry out the program. The Minimum Standards for Apprenticeship must be signed by all sponsors. Work Processes ­ A list of job duties that the apprentice will receive and the approximate time allocated for each job duty. Sample work processes may be found at the National Skills Standards Board (NSSB).

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