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I Was Laid Off Last Month And Didnt File An Application For Benefits Right Away. Can I Get Paid For Those Weeks?

An Application for Benefits is effective the Sunday that begins the week in which you apply for benefits. The Application for Benefits date determines your base year and your benefit year. Claims for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania are based on a calendar week; that is, seven continuous days beginning with a Sunday and ending with a Saturday of that week. The extent of your unemployment, your earnings and your eligibility status during each calendar week determine whether you are eligible for benefits for that week and the amount of benefits payable to you. Generally, claims for unemployment benefits are filed on a biweekly basis. You will file your biweekly claim when both of the weeks you are filing for have ended. Your biweekly claim must be filed during the Sunday through Friday period of the week immediately following the two weeks you are claiming. The first time for you to file your biweekly claim is when the second week on your claim has ended. You will file your biweekly claim for the first and second weeks of your claim during the third week of your claim. You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the Pennsylvania UC Law, until you receive your maximum benefit entitlement or until your benefit year ends. While the Regulations do allow for backdating of an application and claims for benefits, the Regulations permit such backdating in only a very limited number of circumstances. If you have not already done so, please contact the UC Service Center to file an Application for Benefits and provide them the necessary information to make a determination on the missed weeks.

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