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How Much Time Do I Have To File A Claim After Termination?

If you were not paid at least the minimum wage or you were not paid correctly for your overtime hours, you must file a wage claim within two years from the date the work was actually performed. If your wage claim is for straight time wages or other benefits your employer promised to pay, a claim can be brought as many as three years after the work is performed. Since your employer is only required to keep his/her records for a period of three years, it is more difficult for the Department of Labor & Industry to collect your wages as time passes. So you should file a claim as soon as you are aware that you may be owed additional wages.

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Have you been discriminated against by a potential or current employer -- as a job applicant or current employee? To best protect your legal rights you should discuss your situation with an employment lawyer. Meet with a local employment attorney sooner rather than later to protect your rights.

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