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What Is Prohibited Work For Minors?

Federal child labor law lists 17 occupations, in a document called "hazardous orders," that are particularly dangerous for minors. The orders restrict the use of certain power­driven machinery and employment in some high risk jobs in certain occupational areas. The Oregon Wage and Hour Commission has adopted the orders by administrative rule, adding an additional statutory prohibition restricting the hours a minor may be employed as a messenger or a delivery person. In certain cases, youth apprentices and student­learners are exempt from hazardous occupations when such job duties are part of their training, but not part of their regular job duties. Both state and federal law include exemptions for student­learners and apprentices.
    Tip: Fourteen­ and 15­year­old employees may not work in any of the 18 hazardous occupations under any circumstances.
Exemptions to the orders (student learner, apprentice), are applicable only to the specific order in which they are named.

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