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What About Working Conditions For Minors?

All employers doing business in Oregon must comply with the following:
  • Provide unpaid meal periods of 30 minutes (no later than 5 hours and one minute after start). Sixteen­ and 17­year­olds, however, may be required to remain on call when eating, if the nature of the work prevents the minor from being relieved from all duty, such as working alone in a convenience store. The entire time for that kind of activity must be paid.
  • Provide rest periods of 15 minutes for every four hours of work (paid) should be given as near to the middle of the four hours as possible.
  • Not require minors to lift excessive weights.
  • Provide safe, sanitary work areas with adequate ventilation, lighting, washrooms and toilet facilities for all employees. Comfortable and safe seats, tables and benches must be provided where they are needed due to the nature of the work.
  • Provide adequate work. If a minor employee is required to report to work he/she must be provided work for one­half the regular work shift hour, or in lieu of that, reasonable compensation.

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