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Must The Rest Breaks Always Be Given In The Middle Of Each Four-Hour Work Segment

Rest breaks must be given as close to the middle of the work segment as possible, unless the nature or circumstances of the work prevent it. If the nature or circumstances of the work prevent the employer from giving the break at the appointed time, the employee must still receive the required break, but may take it at another point in the work period. Rest Break and Meal Periods Required Based on Length of Work Period
Length of work period Number of rest breaks required Number of meal periods required
2 hrs or less 0 0
2 hrs, 1 min­5 hrs, 59 mins 1 0
6 hrs 1 1
6 hrs, 1 min­10 hrs 2 1
10 hrs, 1 min­13 hrs 59 mins 3 1
14 hrs 3 2
14 hrs­1 min to 18 hrs 4 2
18 hrs, 1 min­21 hrs, 59 mins 5 2
22 hrs 5 3
22 hrs, 1 min­24 hrs 6 3

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