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How Do I File Continued Claims For Weekly Benefits?

Continue your claim by filing for weekly benefits by calling 1­800­266­2252 (or 665­1600 in the Manchester area) after the week is over. Your Continued Claim is the actual request for payment of benefits that is made after the first calendar week of unemployment is over. (The week is not over until Saturday at midnight.) You may call to file your continued claim from 12:01am Sunday through 12 midnight Friday, except during the hours of 4 pm to 9 pm, Monday through Friday.

To be timely, the call must be made no later than 6 days after the week ending date of the week to be claimed. Your first continued claim will be for a one­week period. Subsequent claims will be filed every other week. Continued claims for two­week periods cannot be filed until after the second Saturday in the two­week period has ended. You will have six days after the second Saturday has ended to file your continued claim for this two­week period.

If you are unable to file your continued claim by telephone due to technical difficulties with either your phone or with the Department's telephone system, you are allowed to file your claim by mail, or visit your local office. There is a Continued Claim Form available to print and file your continued claim by mail.

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