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Where Can I Get More Information On Suta?

For general tax questions, employer account status or tax rate calculations, call 1(800) 891­6499 or, in Marion County, (317) 232­7436. If you need forms, you may download the following forms here:
  • Status Report for Domestic (household) Employment (Form 45982)
  • Status Report Agricultural Employment (Form 46798)
  • Request for Address Change/Correction (Form 48812)
  • Employer's Contribution adjustment report (form 44954)
  • Report to Determine Status (Form 2837)
  • Report of Inactivation (Form 46800)
  • Report of Transfer ­ Complete Sale (Form 46799)
  • Report of Transfer ­Partial Sale (Form 23299)
  • Quarterly Contribution report, form UC­1
  • Quarterly Payroll Report, Form UC­5­A
  • Employer's Contribution Adjustment Report, State form 44954
  • Eligibility Information Report Form 501
  • Notice To Employers, Form X­1006

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