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What Can I Do If I Disagree With A Determination Of Eligibility?

If your claim for benefits is denied or your benefits are reduced and you disagree with that decision, you have the right to an appeal. Your appeal will be heard in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). To request an appeal, fill out the Notice of Appeal on the back of the Determination of Eligibility form. File your request for an appeal within twenty days of the date the local office mails the Determination of Eligibility. You can file your appeal by mail or in person at your local office. You will be notified by mail of the date of your appeals hearing. Your former employer(s) will also be notified. If you filed for the appeal you must attend the hearing or your appeal will be dismissed. To protect your rights, you should attend the hearing if your employer appeals. You should receive a copy of "Your Right to an Appeal" when you receive your hearing notice. It will explain the appeals process to you in great detail. If you have questions or need more information about the appeals process, call the Helpline at 1­888­WorkOne. (967­5663) If your former employer(s) disagree with the decision to give you benefits, they can appeal too. You will be notified of the hearing date and time. If you were receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits and your employer wins the appeal, you will have to pay back any benefits you have received.

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