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Is A Work Permit Required For Employment Of A Minor?

Minors under the age of 18 must obtain a work permit before beginning a job. Exceptions include: newspaper carriers, golf caddies, domestic service workers, entertainers, and farm laborers. You must get an Intention to Employ/A­1 Form from the issuing officer at the school you attend. Your must then get the signature of your employer and your parent or guardian; take the Intention to Employ/A­1 form, along with proof of age, to the issuing officer and the work permit will be issued. Only one work permit can be issued to a teen at a time. Each work permit is issued for a specific employer. An issuing officer may not issue a subsequent work permit until a termination notice has been received on the initial work permit or the issuing officer has otherwise determined that the teen's employment has been terminated. The issuing officer may deny a work permit to a teen whose attendance is not in good standing, as determined by the school; or whose academic performance does not meet the school's standards. The denial of a work permit may be appealed to the principal of the school. Teens 16 or 17 years of age that have graduated from high school or have received a General Educational Development (GED) diploma are not required to obtain a work permit.

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