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Please Explain The Customized Job Training (Cjt) Program.

The CJT Program is designed to stimulate the creation and retention of jobs in the state by providing financial assistance for training that the company could not have provided through its own resources. Financial assistance and non­financial assistance are provided to new, relocating, and expanding businesses that are training their workers. CJT funds short­term training, usually less than one year in length for programs that may include on­the­job training, classroom training, and support activities. Employers that are targeted for funding requests include small to mid­size (less than 500 employees) manufacturers who are remaining competitive by introducing new manufacturing processes, technologies, and/or quality systems are targeted. Priority is given to businesses that use high­performance work organization practices.For additional information, contact:

Connecticut Department of Labor
Customized Job Training
200 Folly Brook Blvd.
Wethersfield, CT 06109­1114
Telephone: (860) 263­6035
Fax: (860) 263­6529

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