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Can An Employer File Their Quarterly Unemployment Compensation Returns Online?

Registered employers with less than 250 people on their payroll are now able to file their returns online. The new Internet tax filing system will save employers a good deal of time because they'll no longer have to keep entering all of the required information. Information from the previous quarterly report will automatically be listed on the Internet system and will reappear on each subsequent quarterly tax return. Employers need only enter their gross quarterly wages for those employees and include any new employees who joined their workforce since the time of the last filing. The computerized system automatically totals the wages listed for the quarter, and once the taxable wages are determined by the employer, the system will compute the tax total. The new Internet address to file the quarterly returns is .The site will be available for a two ­month period each quarter:

  • October and November the system will be available to file the 3rd Quarter
  • January and February the system will be available to file the 4th Quarter
  • April and May the system will be available to file the 1st Quarter
  • July and August the system will be available to file the 2nd Quarter
You will need to know your Employer Registration Number and Password. Both are printed on either the UC­2/5A Form or the UC­2R/5R Form.

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