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What Will Happen If I Draw Unemployment Benefits While I Am Working?

In most cases, this will be detected from an automated crossmatch of quarterly wage and information submitted by Alaska employers with wage and earnings information submitted by claimants. This identifies if a claimant worked, earned wages, and how much while they were claiming UI benefits. If a discrepancy occurs, an Audit Summary is sent to the claimant along with a claimant notification indicating a discrepancy exists. This gives the claimant the opportunity to review all the documents used as a basis for the comparison.

The amount of benefits received through intentional misrepresentation must be repaid, an administrative penalty of 50% will be assessed, and you will be disqualified from future benefits for six weeks for each week involved in the fraud. Additionally, depending on the amount of benefits received, any past criminal history, and other circumstances, the fraud case or cases may be submitted to the District Attorney for criminal prosecution. The potential penalties at this level include the repayment of benefits, 50% penalty, and disqualification, plus possible imprisonment and additional fines as ordered by the court.

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