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How Do I File A Claim For Unemployment Compensation Benefits?

Your UI Call Center can take your application for unemployment benefits over the phone. To help you find a job, they can register you for work with the Alaska Job Center. After your UI claim has been opened, you may file for bi­weekly benefits over the phone by calling your Automated Telephone Claim Filing System known as VICTOR. VICTOR can only be accessed with a personal identification number called a PIN, which you will set up during your first call to VICTOR. Once your PIN has been established, you may use VICTOR to file your bi­weekly claims by phone or to inquire about the status of your check. Call VICTOR during Week 3 of your benefit year and every two weeks after that.

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Have you been discriminated against by a potential or current employer -- as a job applicant or current employee? To best protect your legal rights you should discuss your situation with an employment lawyer. Meet with a local employment for employees attorney sooner rather than later to protect your rights.

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