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Are Minors Prohibited From Any Specific Occupations?

Minors under the age of 14 may only work in the following occupations:

  1. Newspaper sales and delivery.
  2. Babysitting, handiwork and domestic employment in or about private homes.
  3. Occupations in the entertainment industry.

14 and 15 year olds are restricted from the following occupations:

  1. Occupations in manufacturing, mining or processing, including work rooms or places where goods are manufactured, mined or otherwise processed.
  2. Occupations involved in operation of power­driven machinery other than office machines.
  3. Occupations in construction (including demolition and repair) except office work.
  4. Any work in an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages.
  5. Public messenger service.
  6. Occupations in or about canneries, except office work.
  7. Work performed in or about boilers, engine rooms or retorts.
  8. Work involved with maintenance or repair of the establishment's machines or equipment.
  9. Occupations that involve working from windowsills, ladders, scaffolds or their substitutes.
  10. Occupations handling or operating power­driven food slicers, grinders, choppers, cutters, and bakery type mixers.
  11. Work in freezers, meat coolers, or preparation of meat for sale.
  12. Loading/unloading to or from trucks, railroad cars or conveyors.
  13. Occupations in warehouses and storage except office and clerical work.
  14. Occupations involving use of sharpened tools.
  15. Occupations in transportation of persons or property except office or sales work.
  16. Occupations involved in canvassing, peddling, solicitation of door­to­door contributions, or acting as an outside salesman.

Minors 17 and under cannot be employed as follows:

  1. Occupations in manufacturing, handling or use of explosives.
  2. Occupations of motor vehicle driver or helper.
  3. Mining operations including coal.
  4. Logging or occupations in the operations of any sawmill, lathe mill, shingle mill or cooperage.
  5. Operation of power­driven woodworking machines.
  6. Occupations with exposure to radioactive substances and to ionizing radiation.
  7. Operation of elevators or other power­driven hoisting apparatus.
  8. Operation of power­driven metal forming, punching and shearing machines.
  9. Occupations involving slaughtering, meat packing or processing or rendering.
  10. Occupations involved in the operation and cleaning of power­driven bakery machines.
  11. Occupations involved in the operation of power­driven paper products machines.
  12. Occupations involved in the manufacture of brick, tile and kindred products.
  13. Occupations involved in the operation and cleaning of circular saws, band saws, and guillotine shears.
  14. Occupations involved in wrecking, demolition, and shipwrecking operations.
  15. Occupations involved in roofing operations.
  16. Occupations involved with excavation operations.
  17. Electrical work with voltages exceeding 220, or outside erection or repair and meter testing including telegraph and telephone lines.

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