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What are Grounds for Divorce in Utah?

In Utah a divorce may granted on one of the following grounds: (1) impotency of the respondent at the time of marriage; (2) adultery committed by the respondent; (3) willful desertion of the petitioner by the respondent for one year or more; (4) willful neglect to provide for the petitioner; (5) habitual drunkenness of the respondent; (5) the respondent’s conviction of a felony; (6) cruel treatment of the petitioner in a manner that caused physical injury or great mental distress; (7) irreconcilable differences of the marriage; (8) incurable insanity; and (9) when the parties have been separated with cohabitation for three or more consecutive years. (Utah Code Title 30 Husband and Wife Chapter 3 Divorce Section 1) 

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