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What Documents and Supporting Information are Required to be Submitted with a Divorce Petition in Nebraska?

A complaint for the dissolution of marriage must include (1) The name and address of the plaintiff and his or her attorney, except that a plaintiff who is living in an undisclosed location because of safety concerns is only required to disclose the county and state of his or her residence; (2) The name and address, if known, of the defendant; (3) The date and place of marriage; (4) The name and year of birth of each child whose custody or welfare may be affected by the proceedings and whether (a) a parenting plan as provided in the Parenting Act has been developed and (b) child custody, parenting time, visitation, or other access or child support is a contested issue; (5) If the plaintiff is a party to any other pending action for divorce, separation, or dissolution of marriage and a statement as to where such action is pending; (6) Reference to any existing restraining orders, protection orders, or criminal no-contact orders regarding any party to the proceedings; (7) A statement of the relief sought by the plaintiff, including adjustment of custody, property, and support rights; and (8) An allegation that the marriage is irretrievably broken. (Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 42 Section 353)

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