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When is Spousal Support or Alimony Awarded in Washington D.C.?

A court will consider all relevant factors necessary for a fair and equitable alimony award including: the ability of the party seeking alimony to be wholly or partly self-supporting; the time necessary for the party seeking alimony to gain sufficient education or training to enable that party to secure suitable employment; the standard of living that the parties established during their marriage or domestic partnership, but giving consideration to the fact that there will be 2 households to maintain; the duration of the marriage or domestic partnership; the circumstances which contributed to the estrangement of the parties; the age of each party; the physical and mental condition of each party; the ability of the party from whom alimony is sought to meet his or her needs while meeting the needs of the other party; and the financial needs and financial resources of each party, including: income, potential income, child support, financial obligations, the right of the party to receive retirement benefits; and the taxability or non-taxability of income. Spousal support may be for limited time or continue indefinitely as determined by the Court. (Washington D.C. Statutes Title 16, Chapter 9, Section 913)

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