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  • Executor

    A person specifically appointed by a testator to administer the will ensuring that final wishes are respected (i.e. that the will is properly "executed"). An executor is a personal representative.
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  • Exhibit

    A document or object shown to the court as evidence in a trial. They are each given a number or letter by the court clerk as they are introduced for future reference during the trial. For example, weapon are frequently given as exhibits in criminal trials. Except with special permission of the court, exhibits are locked up in court custody until the trial is over.
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  • Express trust

    A trust which is clearly created by the settlor, usually in the form of a document (eg. a will), although they can be oral. They are to be contrasted with trusts which come to being through the operation of the law and which do not result from the clear intent or decision of any settlor to create a trust (eg. constructive trust).
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  • Expropriation

    Canada: the forced sale of land to a public authority. Synonymous to the USA doctrine of "eminent domain".
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  • Expunge

    To physically erase; to white or strike out. To "expunge" something from a court record means to remove every reference to it from the court file.
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  • Extortion

    Forcing a person to give up property in a thing through the use of violence, fear or under pretense of authority.
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  • Extradition

    The arrest and delivery of a fugitive wanted for a crime committed in another country, usually under the terms of a extradition treaty.
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