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There is incorrect information in my New York criminal history report. How do I change it?

If your Criminal History Report Information (CHRI) is incomplete or inaccurate, you may challenge it and request a modification.  The challenge process gives you the opportunity to provide supporting documentation to DCJS which shows the error in the report.   

To challenge or correct the data in the report regarding an arrest:  

To modify arrest data such as arrest charges, date of arrest or date of crime, as contained on your CHRI report, you must contact the arresting agency to request that they submit the modification to DCJS. DCJS REQUIRES written notification from the ARRESTING AGENCY to correct this information on your CHRI report.

To challenge or correct the case disposition data, or to update missing dispositon data:  

You must contact the court of adjudication to request a certified copy of the disposition. Once you have obtained the certified court document, please forward it to the DCJS Record Review unit for processing.  Photostatic copies are NOT acceptable unless they contain an embossed (raised design) seal from the issuing court.

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