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Under what circumstances can a person use marijuana for medicinal purposes legally?

In order to legally use marijuana for medicinal purposes, states generally require a person to have a prescription or some other form of permission from a physician. The states also commonly require a person to provide proof of residency in order to qualify as a patient under that state’s medical marijuana laws.

The requirements for legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes depend on the state. California and Alaska require a person to have written or oral recommendation from his or her physician stating that he or she would benefit from medical marijuana. Medical marijuana patients in Nevada patients must have “written documentation” from their physician stating that marijuana may alleviate his or her condition.

Some states also have established patient registries, where medical marijuana patients are required to register in order to legally use, cultivate, possess, or distribute medical marijuana under state laws. In some states, medical marijuana users must obtain membership cards, which they are instructed to carry with them to show to police officers in the event they are stopped while possessing marijuana for medical purposes.

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