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Can I vote by mail in the state of West Virginia?

Qualified voters can vote by mail in the state of West Virginia by submitting a mail-in absentee ballot, which can be requested up until six (6) days prior to the election. In order to be eligible to vote by mail, you must meet certain qualifications. You can vote by mail if you will be out of your county during the entire early voting period and on Election Day, or if your employment makes you unable to vote during all hours that the polls are open. You can also vote by mail in West Virginia if you reside in another state for part of the year, and it falls during election time. If you are incarcerated, but not serving a sentence for a felony conviction, you can apply to vote by mail, as well. Illness, disability, and extreme advanced age, which make it impossible for you to vote in person, can qualify you for a mail-in ballot. If you are permanently unable to vote in person, you can apply to be on the permanent absentee ballot list to vote by mail, by completing an application that is available online and through your county clerk’s office, along with a doctor’s statement verifying your condition. If you are placed on the permanent absentee ballot list to vote by mail, your county clerk’s office will automatically mail you an absentee ballot prior to each election. 

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